Last Week in Honduras 

Days 55&56

Yesterday morning Nikki, Casey, and I headed to Life and Liberty to tutor and hang out with the kids until noon. We then headed back to the Garcia household for an evening of fun. 🙂 We had a bonfire which ended up being a chimney fire because it decided to rain and made hot dogs and smores then played hand and foot as our going away party. Then headed to bed. 

Today we went to Life and Liberty again for our last time and just hung out with the kids just laughing and playing games until it was time to say goodbye and even then it was fun with all their hugs and giggles goodbye. 

After that we came back to the house and relaxed then got ready for our last girls night out with Casey and Becky. We got all beautiful then went out to dinner and a movie. Now we are both getting ready for a good nights sleep because we start the traveling process for Puerto tomorrow. So prayers for good travels and no sickness while we’re there! 🙂 

Also we found Fredrickos baby! So cute! 


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