Time Flies in Honduras 

Days 51-54

I can hardly believe last weekend was our last in Siguatepeque! They say time flies when your having fun and it’s true! 

Friday Casey, Nikki, and I were still feeling a little under the wheather so we spent the day just relaxing around the house until Becky came back from work. Once Becky arrived the party had started! 😉 Not really but we did spent the rest of the evening laughing and talking which I guess was Becky’s doing because as soon as she walked in we started in on all the jokes! 🙂 

Saturday Tara and Jorge headed off to San Pedro with their kids for a little get away while the rest of us stayed back to go to the bank then souvenir shopping where we got lots of little goodies! 🙂 After that we went back to the house spending the rest of the evening just relaxing with the kids. 🙂 

Sunday we celebrated Tati’s Birthday by getting pretty and going to church then out to lunch. After lunch we headed back to the house where we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing until dinner. Later on Tara and Jorge pulled in and we celebrated Tati yet again with cake and presents to finish out the evening. 🙂 

Yesterday Casey and I spent the day at the house watching the kids while everyone else went to an Identy meeting for the afternoon. After they came back we made dinner, relaxed, and went to bed. So not a very productive day but a good one! 😉 


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