Sick Again in Honduras 

Days 49&50 

Wednesday we still had the kids all day so we pretty much just hung out with them until about five when Nikki, Rosie, Joseph, and I went to drop Rosie off and get a few groceries for dinner.

Once we dropped Rosie off we went to find an alfredo sauce for dinner and couldn’t find one cheap enough so our two trips to different grocery stores turned out to be totally useless but Nikki got chatted up at one of them by the security guard so it wasn’t without its adventures! 😉 She was like,”Yeah, he came over and started talking to me and I was just like no hablo Español!” I told her I would’ve just started rolling my window up! We had a good laugh about that! 😉

When we got home we started on dinner and then Tara and Jorge arrived back home with Becky, Tati, and Olvi. 🙂 So the house is full again! 🙂

The rest of the evening we just hung out sharing stories and laughter until we all headed to bed.  I got about two hours of sleep before waking up not feeling well and spent the rest of the night trying to fall back asleep in different rooms. I went from my room to the bathroom, to living room, and finally to Trinity’s room around 5:30 where I finally fell asleep!

The rest of the day Thursday Casey, Nikki, and I spent in bed sick. :/ Casey and Nikki started to get sick Wednesday morning where as I got sick Wednesday night so Thursday we were all out of commission! 😉



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