Relaxing in Honduras

Days 43&44

Yesterday morning and afternoon Nikki and I spent mostly in bed or sitting around because both of our stomachs were upset. :/ So our day was pretty uneventful! 😉

Thankfully by dinner time I was back to normal and enjoyed the rest of the evening while Nikki on the other hand didn’t improve much throughout the day but powered through like the boss she is! 😉 We had a different Bible study that night at the house with some Missionary ladies who work for Alison the lady that is adopting 25 girls so we heard a lot of stories and ended the night deciding we wanted visit them which hopefully we’ll do next week! 🙂

After that we all went to bed kind of early! 😉

Today We didn’t do a ton in the morning we just hang out with everyone until noon where we dropped Rosie off and headed to Love and Freedom orphanage to hang out and play games with the kids! 🙂 Once we were close to leaving the younger kids decided to dog pile on top of me and practically kill me but it was cute!

Now we’re eating dinner and spending the evening watching movies with the Honduran fam… so peace! 😉


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