DAYS 35&36

Wednesday morning Casey, Nikki, and I headed to Love and Freedom orphanhge to “teach” english again. Like before we only had half the kids and they were the younger ones so we basically just ran around with them while trying  to make them speak in english! 😉

That afternoon we had Spanishes classes where I finished Spanish book 1! So yeah totally fluent in Spanish now! 😉 No, not even close, but it was exciting to finish it! 🙂

That evening we came home and hung out until we put the kids to bed then Nikki, and I made “brownies” which turned out to be cake and watched A League of Their Own with Becky and Tara.

Thursday morning I got up earliy with the kids and hung out with them until Michelle came then I worked on my Spanish home work and got ready for the day.

That afternoon Nikki and I had Spanish classes again where we had our end of the book tests. Nikki got 95% on her test, and I didn’t finish in time to see my score so I won’t know until Monday but I’m pretty sure I got in the 70% range… so yeah! 😉

Once we got back we started working on dinner then waited for Danny, Tara, and Jorge to get back from San Pedro where they dropped Trinity off at the airport and picked up Gabbi and Mickayla who are staying with us for the weekend to help with an event we’re doing on Saturday! 🙂

When they arivved we all hung out and talked about life and the event then Danny, Nikki, Casey, Gabbi, Mickayla, and I all walked down to the Puperia to get a snack. After we got our snacks we walked back to the house and started working on crafts for the event then we interns went headed to bed. 🙂


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