Team Bonding in Honduras 

Days 31-34 

Saturday we spent the day with the team at La Providencia an orphanage/foster care community that is huge and beautiful! We spent the morning there setting up getting ready for all the different orphanages to come and spend the day with us! Later someone told me that was the first time we’ve had different orphanages come together and have a day of fun so that was really neat to see! 🙂

After we finished setting up the kids started to arrive and we welcomed them with hugs and walking them to the playgournd if they were younger or the soccer feild if they were older. I choose to hang out with the younger kids seeing as I can’t play a lick of soccer. 😉 I enjoyed running around with the kids trying to speak and understand what they said but mostly I just smiled and said, “Bueno!” 😉

The rest of the morning we had to spend inside due to the rain until about 2 when it finally stopped long enough for us to have a paint war and do some water games which was really just a bunvh of kids running around chaotically while we tried to rein them in which we failed to do! 😉

After playing outside we went back inside to hang out with the kids until it was time for them to leave. We said our goodbyes then waited outside for our vans to arrive. While we waited Danny, Nikki, and I walked to the top of a tower and enjoyed the veiw for a little while then sat and hung out until our vans finally did arrive.

The rest of that evening we was pretty basic we ate dinner, did devos ,and went to bed tired! 🙂

Sunday we headed out earily to go to church in San Pedro where I had the hardest time not falling asleep due to the tiring day we had the day before and the comfy chairs they had but the massage was really good so that helped! After church ended we went out to the lobby to get lemonade where we found Casey! She was in San Pedro for the week but she’s finally back where she belongs! 😉

After church we went to another church to have lunch with the foster families from San Pedro to thank all of them for everything they’ve done and to connect all the different foster families to each other. While there we celebrated one of the foster kids birthdays and just hung out with everyone! 🙂

After that we went back to the camp and enjoyed the evening wiht everyone until it was time for bed! 🙂

Yesterday was construction day for the team so I went with Trinity and the others to one of our foster care families to put in a wall behind there house to keep their house from flooding. We moved blocks, dug, washed clothes, and hung out with the kids! 🙂 There were a couple times where there wasn’t much I could do so I found myslef talking to Carlos who is Identities main photographer, a translator, and a worship leader among many other things! Talking to Carlos and just getting to know him beyound small talk I found myself in awe of his humility even though he knows and does such so much! Though I don’t have his permission yet I’ve decided to give him the title of my Hondurian Uncle! I mean he already told me I could marry his son and be his daughter in law but I think I’ll just stick with the title Uncle for now! 😉 After our work day we did the norm eat dinner,  hang out, and go to bed!

Today has thankfully been a slow one; the team pulled out this morning to finish the wall project then head to San Predro where they’ll spend the night and catch their plane back to the states in the morning.

Nikki, Casey, Tara, Trin, and I have spent most of the day here at twins cafe just drinking chai lattes and eating strawberry and nutella crepes while working on blogs, school, and other stuff! 🙂 So yeah that’s been my past four days! 🙂


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