Mud + Honduras = Fun 

Days 29&30  

Yesterday morning I spent the morning and day at Little Lambs with half of the team that came from North Carolina while the other half of the team worked at a church in the area. There were about 12 of us and the cleaning went super fast so we spent an hour sitting around just hanging out until the kids came from school and the other half of the team arrived. Once they arrived we ate lunch, introduced ourselves to the new comers, and hung out with the kids that had just arrived for about half an hour. From there we went around the village inviting the kids to come to VBS.

At  2 the kids starting pilling in and we welcomed them with hugs and name tags! 😉 We went into one of the rooms with all the kids and played games, sang songs, colored, and just hung out with the kids. It started to down pour as we were in the building only to realize it wasn’t going to stop so we spent the rest of our time in the building until it was time to leave.

That evening we all met up at the camp where we shared highlights of the day, worshiped, and listen to Steven one of the team leaders. After that Nikki and I walked back to the house and relaxed in our beds until we fell asleep.

This morning I spent at the house with the kids and Michelle because we have the two extra kids here so Nikki and I have been trading on and off of who stays here and helps Michelle during the mornings and today was my morning. 🙂 I spent most of it going back and forth from my room where I was cleaning to the living room to make sure all was good. 🙂

This afternoon I joined the team at Better Life neighborhood where we walked down a muddy path which Nikki and I throughly enjoyed while almost everyone else didn’t to get to a soccer field where I watched from the sideline while most everyone else played. Role reversal there! 😉

After soccer we waited in the rain for the vans to come pick us up. Once they came we headed back to the camp to eat dinner then Nikki and I came back to the house to get in comfy clothes and wash our muddy feet! 🙂 Trin who has been at camp this week got back tonight and wanted to play a game so Nikki, Trin, and I played dutch blitz while blasting music, drinking coke, and eating cookies until it was time for devotions up at the camp. Devos were amazing from the highlights to the worship to the talk! It was just a rich time with Abba. 🙂

After Devos Nikki, Becky, and I walked back to the house and hung out then Danny and Obed the videographer, joined us and we’ve just been hanging out well until a few minutes ago when we all decided sleep was a good night… speaking of which…. Night!


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