Más Honduras!

Days 27&28

Yesterday morning Nikki and I had our first “tutoring” sessions! 🙂 When we arrived half of the kids were missing and the half we did have was interested in almost anything except sitting still… so our session turned into me taking the younger kids to play on the playground while Nikki taught the one kid that actually would sit still! 😉 It was fun though and the kids are were adorable!

Later that afternoon we had Spanish classes and I found that my lesson involved my cheeks being redder than they usually are at class. 😉 I had to practice presenting my teacher to some of the other teachers at the school and I was super intimidated! They were all very nice and encouraging when I tried emphasise on the tried but it didn’t stop me from turning red! Highlight though! As I was presenting my teacher, Enma the other Teacher, Carlos was asking me a list of question he knew I had learned one of which was if Enma was married I then responded with, “Yes, she is married. Sorry!” Thankfully they both thought it was funny! 🙂

That evening Nikki, Becky, and I said goodbye to Ruth as we dropped her off to her new foster families home! We are very thankful that Lord found her such a great family and we will be seeing her again so this is not the last you will hear of her! 🙂

Today I have been here all day doing the norm. Just living life in Honduras and this evening Nikki, Becky, and I went to see Wonder Women! Now we are all tucked in excited for another day tomorrow! 🙂


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