Wet in Honduras 

Days 25&26 

Yesterday (which seriously feels like ages ago) was a fun day! We spent the earlier part of the morning getting ready for church and the later part actually going to church which was great! 🙂  We arrived late (like usually) and tried to be sly going in but it was a small church and they call out the new comers to introduce themselves so there was no escaping the fact that we had taken on Honduran coulter  and arrived late! 😉 

That afternoon after Church Jorge, the kids, Nikki, Becky, the two foster kids, and I all loaded in the truck to go to Pizza Hut! Once there we were waiting for awhile because we went during the afternoon rush and thanks to Becky found out that we were being talked about. Okay, not really she just said that one of the guys said something like, “Hey, did you see those girls back there?” Which really shouldn’t have surprised due to all the whistles and looks we get… still not used to that! 😉 

On our way home from Pizza Hut it decided to rain cats and dogs with Nikki, Hosana, Joeseph, Tati, Olb, and I all in the back of the truck! So we all got soaked or at least Tati and I did! We were up against the tail gate of the truck while the others were up against the opposite side so Tati and I held the babies car seat over our heads to keep from getting wet which really didn’t help and made us look hilarious I’m sure! I know I was laughing the whole time but I love the rain so it was just another fun adventure for me! 😉 

That evening we watched Lord of the Rings and hung out until bed time. 🙂 

Today beyond going to Spanish classes has just been a normal day which by now you should know means looking after the kids, cooking, cleaning, studying, getting some work done, and just hanging out! 🙂 


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