Honduras Life 

Days 21-24 

Wednesday morning Nikki, Trin, and I went to a cafe to get wifi due to ours being out… again. 😉 It seems to be a common occurrence that our wifi and power will go out unexpectedly or expectedly depending on if it’s raining. If it is raining and the power goes out here it also takes out the traffic lights leaving you to fend for yourself when driving! I think it’s only happened to Nikki and I twice… this far anyway! 😉 

After going to the cafe Nikki and I headed to Spanish classes where I continue to learn that I know zero Spanish! 😉 Now though I can sadly say instead of knowing 0% Spanish I know 1%! Hopefully by this time next week I’ll have learned 3%! 😉 

That evening we spent at home with the kids just doing the norm, cooking, cleaning, relaxing, and hanging with the kids! 🙂 Tara and Jorge had to go to San Pedro that night so we Casey, Nikki and I had the kids and let me tell you that was a sleepless night! Casey had to take Hosana who had a fever and had to keep close on her, Nikki had the baby, and I had Judah who decided sleeping on top of me was better than sleeping on the bed! 😉 Needless to say we were all pretty tired the next morning! 😉 

Thursday was spent here at our Honduras home just living life and trying to catch up on sleep! 😉 We did however get two more foster children that night who are staying with us for a few days. Oh! My embarrassing moment of that day I was practicing my Spanish out loud and doing hand motions along to the words I was practicing only to have Michelle catch me and laugh! Who am I kidding? I was laughing at me too! 😉 

Friday we didn’t do to much in the morning or evening but that afternoon we went to an orphange just down the road from us and met some children we’re going to be tutoring in english and actually did a mini tutoring session with them that day. Not gonna lie I was pretty nervous when I first heard we were going to be tutoring! I went straight to my knees! The Lord, faithful that he is reminded me to trust in him and that he would give me peace. I did after a few minutes of telling him my insecurities decided to put my insecurities aside and trust in him even if that did mean he would have to give me supernatural knowledge! 😉 Almost instantly after giving him my trust I felt his peace wash over me and found myself feeling confident and knew he wouldn’t and won’t let me fail. 🙂 

Today has been another tiring one even though Becky sweet that she is took the baby for us last night Nikki and I still found overselves not wanting to get out of bedthis morning but despite what our bodies wanted we did anyway! 😉 The rest of  today has just been one of normalcy watching the kids, working a little, and enjoying the day! 🙂 As I type Becky, Nikki, and I are watching Lord of the Rings which I have a feeling will come to an end soon due to sleepy eyes and mouths that won’t stop yawning! 😉 Looking forward to a good nights sleep and a fun day tomorrow! 🙂 


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