Because Honduras 

Days 19&20

Monday here was spent recuperating from our long hike! Although, shockingly enough, I woke up without any sore muscles! I did however wake up with about 20 bug bites on my legs! So the hike wasn’t without its repercussions. 😉 Beyond recuperating we cooked, got some miner work done, and went to Spanish class. 

Once Spanish class was over I decided I’m going to start introducing myself as the girl who knows nothing beyond red cheeks! 😉 Okay, I may know a little bit more than that but really if you want to be humbled try learning a language you don’t know with teachers who only speak that language! I promise you’ll learn humility pretty quickly! 😉 You might even learn some Spanish while you’re at it! 😉 Thankfully though my teacher is patient with me and slowly but surly I’ll get there… at least I hope! 😉 

Today was a pretty uneventful one. I mainly spent the day working on my Spanish homework and helping out around the house or with the baby. We did however   go to a bible study tonight which was really good! We met lots of new people, ate yummy food, met some of Casey friends, and enjoyed taking in the study! 🙂

 Now it’s time to hit the hay! I’m on baby duty tonight so I’m trying to get as much sleep as possible! 😉 TypeTYL! 🙂 


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