Fun in Honduras 

Days 17&18 

The past two days here have been fun ones! I told you they would! 😉 Yesterday we Nikki, Becky, Casey, and I had a day out on the town! Becky took us to different places where we ate food, looked at cute clothes, went grocery shopping, went to the bank, and just lived it up basically! 😉

After lunch in town we (minus Becky) went back to the house to relax for a couple hours until Becky finished work and came to the house where we enjoyed the evening which involved a lot of talking and laughing! 🙂 

Today which if the wifi works long enough (fingers rossed!) you can see with detail that we spent the day hiking! Our plan was to go to a waterfall but on our way up the trail I found an adventure and took it dragging everyone along with me! Which ended up with us blazing our own trail through the mountains and not going to the water fall but everyone agrees that it definitely was an adventure and one that we will remember forever! 😉 

That’s all for now! Check in with ya later! 🙂 


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