L.L., R&R, and Honduras

Days 15&16 

Yesterday I woke up pleasantly surprised that Ruth had only gotten up once in the night! Talk about praise Jesus! Hallelu! I felt great but knew there was nothing going on so enjoyed the morning in bed just relaxing with baby Ruth and catching you guys up by writing my last blog post. 😉 Gotta keep my readers on the up and up. 😉

A little after 11 I went out to the Bodega where I thought Casey would be working and found no one in sight not even the gardener who is normally working around the house at that time so back into the house I went to find Michelle and Danny missing too. Alright, somethings up I thought and happened to glance out the window over looking there backyard. It was quite the sight to behold Casey cowering behind Michelle and Danny while they poked a tree with sticks meanwhile the gardener was on the other side of the tree throwing rocks. By then I had put two and two together and figured they had found a snake and quickly ran out to see it!

They had chased him far enough up the tree so that I couldn’t tell how big he was but Casey said in her opinion he was huge! “Like a snake snake! Not one of those little gardener snakes!” She told Nicolena who wouldn’t step a foot outside when they told her they found it. She instead stayed inside and protected the kids. 😉 She also still wasn’t feeling well and gave that as an excuse as well. Just kidding she fully admitted that she was good to stay inside and not see the snake. 😉

After that little adventure Casey and I headed out to the Bodega to finish up the work we had been doing the past couple of days. We watched movies and listened to music while folding and organizing what felt like a million pieces of baby clothes! Right as my phone died and the music stopped we had just finished the last box! We quickly cleaned up the last minute things laying around and made a mad dash to the house! Not really, we walked, but we were both so ready to be out of the bodega it was a made dash in my mind! 😉

That evening Trinity, Tara and Jorge’s oldest daughter came home from the states so we spent the evening playing rook and banana grams which I won twice I might add. 😉 Literally never win at that game… Siguatepeque must be my lucky charm! After that we all went to bed and enjoyed a good nights sleep! 🙂

The next morning was a pretty calm one; I woke up to an empty room and thought I was late for devotions but after looking at the time I remembered Casey was in with the baby and figured Nikki was in the shower which she was. 😉 I went out to the kitchen where I ate a piece of zucchini bread while waiting for Tara’s quiche to be  done. Casey read all of us Jesus Calling as our morning devo then prayed to start the day off right. From there Danny and I played banana grams still waiting on the quiche which turned out to be so worth the wait! Seriously best quiche I think I’ve ever had!

This afternoon after relaxing for a little while Casey, Danny, Nikki, Jorge, and I headed off to Little Lambs orphanage where Danny being the only intern fluent in Spanish did a bible lesson for the kids while us girls listened and loved on the little ones around us. They fully aware that we didn’t speak Spanish teased us all afternoon which if you’ve ever been in a coreign fountry sorry throwing a little Hee Haw in there for ya! 😉 Let me translate for those of you who don’t know Hee Haw if you’ve ever been in a foreign country or worked with refugees you’ll know that if you can’t communicate through words you communicate by teasing, laughing, smiling, and hugging your way into there hearts and there’s into yours.

This evening Casey, Nikki, and I had the whole house to ourselves! Tara, Jorge, and family are away for the weekend, Danny went back to his home in San Pedro, and someone Tara knows volunteered to watch Ruth for the weekend! So we brought out the big guns tonight! Cookies and apple juice! Oh, yeah! Partying with us is to legit to quit people!  😉 After our appetizer of cookies we ate dinner and watched a movie. now we are headed to bed! More fun to come! 🙂



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