First Scorpion in Honduras 

Days 13&14

Tuesday after waking up earlier than I wanted I was still not feeling the best but felt as though I was improving or at least praying that I was! 😉 I worked on my Spanish homework until about 9 where Danny, Casey, and I headed out to the Bodega aka the storage room to organize baby clothes. We worked there until close to one where we quick ate lunch and headed off to Bible Study.

Bible Study was taking place at Tara’s neighbors house so we walked over quickly arriving about half an hour late…. we were going by Honduran time I guess. 😉 Once there we introduced ourselves to Paula, Holly, and Adriana and then settled in to watch the video. I can’t remember the name of the video series but the lady doing it was Beth Moore. It was really good! She talked on Genesis 22 where Abraham  had to sacrifice Issac. She compared Abrahams sacrifice to God sacrificing Jesus and just some other neat points on Genesis 22. I also found my first even though it was dead scorpion! 😉 

After bible study we walked back to the house where we spent the rest of the evening relaxing, doing a few random chores, eating dinner, and then watching a movie. 🙂 

Today Casey, Danny, and I were back at work on the Bodega where we pretty much stayed all day until about four. From there we went inside and watched the kids because  Tara and Jorge had to go to the hospital for Jorge’s mom they found cancer in her brain and are probably going to operate either today or tomorrow. So pray with me… Lord, I ask that everything would go smoothly and that you would be glorified in this no matter what! I pray that Tara, Jorge, and his whole family would just be comforted and stand in faith at this time. Thank you, Lord. Amen! 🙂 Also Nikki had been in bed sick all day so there’s another prayer request! 🙂 

The rest of the evening we watched sing the movie, made and ate dinner, put the kids to bed and shortly after put ourselves to bed! 😉 Oh! I almost forgot everyone’s been trying to get Danny to hold the baby and I got him to do it! So I win the prize! Okay, there isn’t a prize and I can’t take the credit because all I did was ask him to watch her while I ran outside quick and he said she started crying so it was an emergency situation thus the reason he picked her up! But stil! 😉 TYGT! Type you guys tomorrow! 😉 


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