Sick in Honduras 

Days 11&12 

People, it’s bad when you can’t remember what happened three days ago. Thankfully I spent the day with five other people that reminded me! 😉 

I woke up still sick but well enough to move about a little bit. I went into the kitchen for breakfast where I found Tara and Michael just a talking I listened and tried to eat a cinnamon roll which I couldn’t taste so instead switched to tea and joined in on their conversation for a little while. Then back to bed I went! 

A little while later after Michael and Jośe left Danny played guitar for Casey, Tara, Nikki, and I then after three songs we watched a quick sermon which concluded our church time! 🙂 

After Lunch Casey, Nikki, and I moved the babies things into a different room and cleaned our own room. From there we moved to the living room where we all settled in to watch “Balerina” a super cute movie about an orphan that escapes from the orphanage and goes to Paris to fulfill her long life dream of becoming a ballerina. I think that day was the fourth time I watched it. 😉 

Later that evening after Dinner Nikki, Danny, and I found ourselves laughing hysterically at Nikki’s failure to sing Prince Ali which she sang Prince Ali fabulous he Ali of agua! Agua! After many attempts to teach her how to say Babawa I had to fail her but she did get it the next day! 😉 

Speaking of the next day… I woke up rather tired because I slept the night with the baby  and got about 4 hours of sleep which  only made my cold worse so I spent the morning and part of the afternoon in bed until 1 then Nikki and I headed off to our Spanish classes! There I sounded like a mix between a mouse and walrus and felt tired mentally and physically but my teacher was patient while I struggled my way through the lesson. 

Casey’s Birthday was yesterday and we celabrated the evening with tacos and cake. Oh! Funny story! Becky asked me if I had ever eaten at a Mexican restaurant before and I said, “Yeah, Taco Bell.” Being totally serious and she just started laughing and said, “Yeah, if someone asks you that question again just say no.” Another embarrassing moment. Oh! I also broke the footboard of a bed. So yeah I’ve been on a roll! Anyway after dinner I went straight to bed not feeling well barely having the strength to pull myself into bed. I’ll tell you this thing I’m fighting is weird! So keep praying for me! Another post to come tomorrow! 🙂 


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