Seizing the Day in  Honduras 

Days 7&8 

Yestday Nikki and I spent the day and part of the night working on conference papers printing, stapling, cutting, and shoving the papers we printed, stapled, and cut into paper envelopes. So yeah our world pretty much revolved around paper all day! 😉 Thankfully though we had supergirl and people to keep us from turning into paper ourselves! 

That evening while we were still busy at work some of Tara and Jorge’s guests Michael, Jose, Danny, and Casey our newest intern arrived just in time for pizza! 🙂 We all got to know each other while hungerly shoving our faces full of food and trying to forget that we still had three hours of work still to do.

After dinner I got to talking with Casey and soon found out that we both LOVE Heidi Baker and want to be like her! From that I knew I wasn’t going to have any probelems with her like I would anyway! 😉 After a little while Nikki ended up joining us and we continuously stuffed envelopes full of paper and talked until it was just Nikki and I left. We were waiting on an email to finish up the work we had done but didn’t receive it before both of us almost fell asleep. So naturally we just decided to go to bed and do the rest in the morning. 

Morning came way to fast and I was dead tired waking up but after moving around a little bit I slowly but surely felt more alive! 😉 Once breakfast was finished Tara, Nikki, and I dropped the kids off at school and went straight to the Hotel to setup. There we had about 15 minutes until people starting showing up for registration and we or at least I felt unprepared! Thankfully we had our wonderful translators Danny and Gisela without them we would’ve been lost! I still was a little bit but I just laughed my way through it! 😉 

After registration was finished we listened to some of the different speakers until it was  time to pick up Hosana from school. Nikki drove for the first time in Honduras while I rode shotgun! 🙂 Then we dropped Hosanna off at the house and back to the conference we went! After a few minutes of talking to people we went into lunch. We went through the line then the waiters carried our plates to our table for us! Loved that part! Right after lunch Tara told Casey and I that Becky who works for Tara and Jorge was going to be picking up a new born baby for us to watch the next couple of days. 

After about half an hour Casey, Michael, Becky, and I set off to the hospital where we were going to pick the baby up but once we got there we learned that we couldn’t sign the baby out without someone being there that wasn’t there! 😉 So we might be able to get her tomorrow! From there we went to a cute cafe then back on the road again. 

We got back to the Hotel only to switch cars and people then leave again and go to Tara and Jorge’s house for the evening where Nikki, Danny, Casey, and I have just been enjoying the evening! Days 9&10 to come! 🙂 


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