Adventures in Honduras

Days 5&6 

The past two days here have been ones of sore muscles, sleepy eyes, conference prep, and fun chaos! 🙂 Yesterday was the sleepy eyes and fun chaos part! Nikki and I babysat one of the missionary families children we met the other day. We didn’t do to many interesting things but watching eight children is always just fun choas! One fun fact we learned… hot dogs over here are individually wrapped! So if ever in Honduras remember hot dogs will take longer to get of the package then you think! 😉 

Today we have been busy at work preparing for the up coming conference that Tara and Jorge are putting on and trying not to fall over. Why? Well, we worked our legs the other day and were definitely feeling it! Our saying of the day was, “ouch!” 😉 Now as you can probably tell due to my lack of every little detail I’m pretty darn tired so  I’m headed to bed but still very much loving the Honduras life! 🙂 


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