First Weekend in Honduras

Days 3&4

Saturday morning we woke up ready and raring to go! Tara had told us that she would be throwing an Easter party for a couple of missionary families that couldn’t make it to her first one due to chicken pox so we woke up excited! Actually we woke up tired but after about 10 minutes we were excited! 😉

Once breakfast was over Tara put Nicolena and I on pallet duty which I have to mention I have been put on many times before so my get’er done mode was on full swing! Only this time moving pallets around I was sweating bullets! When we finished moving the pallets we helped decorate and prepare the food while the different families arrived.

Throughout the afternoon we watch the kids do the typical Easter activities helping them along the way but mostly we ate food and joined in on the many different conversations! 🙂 There was one conversation in particular where I heard that a lady who’s name is escaping me at the moment has taken in 25 girls! 25! Pretty amazing if you ask me!

Later that afternoon when everyone left we cleaned up and moved the pallets back to there storage spot which in turn lead to us laying  on the couch for about two hours. We were sweaty and tired but it was definitely a blast! It was nice to know that there are people other than my family that get crazy and creative with pallets! Even if they are a plane ride away! 😉

Once our energy kicked back in we went to town in the back of Tara and Jorge’s truck to get groceries! Once in the store I will admit I was intimated by all the people that seemed to stare at me, the signs I couldn’t read, and the people speaking a language I didn’t understand, but thank the Lord for Tara! She walked in there as cool as a cucumber and experience clearly on her face! I watched her and did what she did. I looked at the prices and the quality of the food. I tried not to notice the people looking at me and instead paid attention to Judah. After a few minutes I got comfortable and was walking around like the bubbly small town girl that I am.

The rest of that evening was just a normal one at the Garcia household we ate dinner which was very yummy, hung out, and went to bed tired! 🙂

Today has been a relaxing one I woke up, took a shower, ate breakfast, then watched a sermon with Tara and Nicolena while the kids played close by. During the sermon the Lord spoke to me about trusting in him and resting in the fact that I don’t have to worry. He knows the desires of my heart, and the plans I often worry about. The Bible says it plain and clear, “Don’t worry about tomorrow. For tomorrow will worry about it’s self. Each day has enough trouble of it’s own.” Matthew 6:34. So I am choosing to let go and let God! <> The phrase the pastor used not me! 😉

This evening Nicolena and I went for a walk taking in more of the beauty that surrounds us and praying the dogs wouldn’t eat us! 😉 Just kidding Mom and Dad! Well, sort of! 😉 Anyway, on the way back from our walk we met Jorge at the gate. You may notice I haven’t said much about Jorge in my blog that’s because his mom is in the hospital and he’s been there with her the past couple of days. So prayers for her would be appreciated! 🙂

The rest of the evening we played dutch blitz ate dinner and the adults or pre adult as Tara calls me watched a movie. Now it’s time for bed as another great day fast approaches!


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