Welcome to Honduras

Days 1&2

Traveling by plane is something I have only done once in my life before this trip and boy was I intimidated! I definitely played the part of lost small town girl in a big city and a big airport, but thankfully Nicolena had a little bit more of an idea than I did! I was so confused that a guy let me go through the fast lane at security! So if you want a fast way to go through security just act like you have no idea what your doing! 😉 

  On our first flight we pretty much slept the whole way due to our van breaking down the night before so we got next to no sleep! There’s not much I can say about our first flight except what I saw from above was beautiful! Oh and that we didn’t get our free drink because we were sleeping! The guy next to us said he thought about waking us up but our mouths were hanging open so he figured we must be pretty tired! That part was super embarrassing! 

Once we landed we had an hour and a half lay over in Miami where we sat still tired talking about our excitement! On the plane we had made up our minds not to sleep! What can we say? We really wanted our free drink! 😉 In the air for the second time our view was gorgeous! Crystal clear blue water and bright skies! I had never seen the ocean before and again I found myself fitting that small town girl image! 

After landing in Honduras we went through customs where the guy asked me where I would be staying and I said, “Um… Well.. I don’t know how to pronounce it!” He laughed and told me to repeat after him,”Siguatepeque!” I did and left there feeling rather embarrassed for the second time that day. It just comes naturally I guess! 😉 After that  I was home free! No more airports just Tara and Jorge waiting for us! 🙂  

Our two or two and a half hour car ride was beautiful! The mountains over here are just gorgeous! I rather enjoyed the ride which was pretty uneventful except when it started to rain and boy was it crazy! I mean water running down the street kind of thing which doesn’t happen to often in NY or at least when it does  I don’t drive in it! 😉

When we made it to the house we unloaded all our stuff and then I met Tara and Jorge’s children, Joseph, Hosanna,and Judah. They are all adorable! I  then got a tour of the house which is gorgeous! Apparently everything is over here! The rest of the evening we just hung out until bed time where we promptly fell asleep!

Day 2 was just full of doing life with Tara and Jorge and getting a few things accomplished such as setting up our room where we met Fredrico our Gecko that lives in the ceiling and *Ew* the cockroach in our drawer but he doesn’t live there anymore… I had to due away with him! 😉 So far it’s been great and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! 🙂 




6 thoughts on “Welcome to Honduras

  1. I love the Part where you said “It just comes naturally”. And where you had to do away with the roach.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😍

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