Distraction! Distraction!

You are everywhere! I cannot flee from you. I sit and I waste away in your captivating haze. I want to be free from you. Free from your grasp!

Oh, Lord! Oh, Lord!

I need your help! I do not want to take part in this distraction! You alone can overcome what my flesh cannot. Help me, Lord, to be stronger than I am.

Daughter! Daughter!

Hear me! I have given you the power to overcome! You cannot be captivated by this haze if you are captivated by my gaze! Look to me and I will give you the power to overcome!

Distraction! Distraction!

I will not flee from you for you will flee from me! You don’t have power over what you do not own! Overcomer, I am because my father overcame!

Oh, Lord! Oh, Lord!

Thank you for your victory! You alone have the power! Worthy is your name! I choose your captivating gaze! From you, I will never flea!

Daughter! Daughter!

You fought the good fight! Though there are more to come you will not fall! I will protect you! For you are one that I love! One that I call overcomer!

-Courtney, the Jotter behind the Journal


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