My whole life I’ve grown up hearing and using this word, different. It’s not an uncommon word I’m sure it’s used in almost everyone’s everyday language. This word by definition means to be set apart,  to be special, to be unlike the norm. In my vocabulary, this word is one of the highest compliments someone could pay me. If someone says to me, “You’re different.” Then it shows me that I am not like everyone else, but that I am me, that I am unique, that I am different because I am. I find that people today want to be anything but different and I don’t understand why that is because to me it should be the highest compliment. To be like everyone else and this world, in my opinion, is to be selfish, to be unjust, to be normal, and in my book normal is just another way to say I don’t really know who I am. To be normal is to be like everyone else and if you’re like everyone else you can’t be different. I, for one, do not want to be like everyone else! I want to be DIFFERENT! 


               Do not conform to the pattern of this world!  Romans 12:2                                             

                                In other words be DIFFERENT! 🙂 


Now, when I say be different I don’t mean that you’re some weird outcast! I don’t say I am different to excuse the parts of me that are wrong, rebellious, or selfish. I use the word different to describe someone who has no doubts about who they are, what they believe, and why they’re here! I am a Christian which means when I tell someone it’s okay to be different they think I mean it’s okay to be a lesbian, to be gay, or to be a transgender, but what I really mean when I say it’s okay to different is it’s okay to be like JESUS, not to be like what this world says “different” is. I am not writing this blog post out of hate or anger but out of love and I hope I didn’t offend anyone or make any feel hated on by writing this. I simply wanted to write this to encourage you to be the real kind of DIFFERENT. The DIFFERENT that leaves people wondering what you have that they don’t. The DIFFERENT that loves when everyone else says to hate. The DIFFERENT that is JESUS!

-Courtney, the Jotter behind the Journal



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